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For the first time I tried to draw Inktober.
When I draw pictures for inktober, I didn't use any references, because I wanted to see what I learned so far and what I still can't draw and need to work at it.

I saw that I can draw simple hands, but I still struggle with difficult hand poses.
Inktober 31: Happy by VanileCreamInktober 14: Mouse by VanileCreamInktober 16: Wind by VanileCreamInktober 04: Teen wolf by VanileCream

This year, I started to draw man, because I am bad at them, but I really like to draw them.
Inktober 24: Shaman by VanileCreamInktober 20: Flowerpot by VanileCreamInktober 11: Crazy by VanileCreamInktober 03: Flu cat by VanileCream
Practise, which I did few months ago, helped me, bus still, I can't draw difficult poses with man, but I think, I now know, how I like to draw man faces.

Only for one picture I used reference, it was for perspective, but then I didn't draw sketch first.
Inktober 07: Bus by VanileCream

Other thing, which I tried was mini comics~
They are very fun to draw, but at the same time, they are hard. You have to think about so many things!
Inktober 18: Cocoon by VanileCreamInktober 08: transformation by VanileCream

I wanted to use Inktober to draw what I don't draw usually. It was anthro, monsters and animals.
Inktober 13: Ice cream dream by VanileCreamInktober 05: Karl Lagerfeld cat by VanileCreamInktober 15: Chimo by VanileCreamInktober 10: Flying hamster? by VanileCreamInktober 02: Monster fish by VanileCreamInktober 23: Happy bird by VanileCreamInktober 26: Samurai by VanileCream


For some time I am thinking about reference use.
If someone is using references (not bases) for their drawings, are they bad artists?
Does it make you a cheater?

I sometimes use references, but mostly because I can't draw specific hand pose or I just liked specific pose in photo~
Reference use by VanileCream
When I use any kind of reference, I change a lot of things, analize it, draw it in my style. Then I really like to put my sketch on referenced photo and see, what I drawed differently. It helps me to improve and see what kind of mistakes I do.
So, at the end, they look similar, but not the same. (I drawed Takeo here).

When I do this, I feel for some reason very bad...
But then I see a lot of artist who use references.
Well it is easier to use references, than draw everything from the head. At the same time, it is imposible to know how to draw all kind of poses, objects and other things.

I will have my 3rd kiriban game with 50,000 pageviews!!!

If you catch 50,000 pageviews, you have to send me a screenshot of the 50,000 pageviews counter, and then you will get 
one, experimental portrait request of one of your charactes from me this time :>

Black nurse by VanileCreamATOMIC by VanileCreamSell your soul by VanileCream
Edit 11-27: If I don't get any entries until December 15, this contest will be canceled.

Theme: 'I was drawing my own sky with my starry heart'

Experiment, draw what you feel from this sentence, or what comes into your head first.

Contest starts: 2015, October 23
Contest ends: 2016, January 15

Everyone on DeviantART may be a part of this contest!

\\\How to join:
Watch me (optional).
Advertise this journal.
In your drawing description, write, that this drawing was made for this contest.


Max 2 entries per Deviant.
Don't make them into animals.
Traditional and digital drawings are accepted.
Must be in colours.
No bases.
No chibies.
No sketches, linearts and black/white drawings.
Don't copy, trace, or steal art, you'll be disqualified immedietly.

\\\How I judge entries:
Body proportions.


You can send your entry for me via NOTE, or you can comment here.

What you can draw:
CR: Leila and Aora by VanileCream
CR: Sora and Zuhra by VanileCream

You can change their clothes.
Don't change their hair!
You can pair them any way you want.
You can draw one or more characters in picture.


1st place

From me:
1 Full body commision with background.
1 Experimental character portrait 
1 Experimental half body painted picture
1 Icon commision and your pictures printed and sent to you.

From other people:
3 month core membership from J-J-Kuro
1 Full body picture from ClockworkJoker
1 Inked chibi from Ou-ren
2 Sketchy headshots from Decora-Chan

2nd place will be Unlocked at 25 entries.
3rd place will be unlocked at 50 entries.
4th and 5ft place will be unlocked at 100 entries.

If you have any questions or want to donate some prizes, comment on this journal: Questions///prize donations

Good luck and have fun <3

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